Heavy Industry

The Heavy Industry sector provides support to direct customers and sales partners worldwide in the mining, conveying technology, paper production, metal production and processing, hydraulics and compressor industries, and many more. Mining & Mineral Processing
AKG Bearings offers a wide range of products and services for the mining and mineral processing industry. The industry includes the aggregates/cement, metals ore, non-metals ore, and coal sub-segments. AKG has solutions for the following equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Crushers
  • Fans
  • Grinding mills
  • Mine hoists
  • Mobile equipment
  • Vertical grinding mills
  • Vibrating screensMetal extraction and processing
Steel is the foundation of modern industry and its developments. It is put to a wide range of applications in all important branches of industry: from machine construction to power engineering and environmental technology. AKG Bearings and its partners in collaboration with production plant operators, develops and supplies bearing solutions for the steel industry. The custom-tailored AKG’s bearings have performed extremely well even in the most critical applications.
Pumps and Compressor – For applications in the heavy industries sector, AKG Bearings has consolidated its product ranges for hydraulic systems and fluid pumps in the “Fluid Technology” group and the product lines for compressors, fans and centrifuges in the “Air Handling” group.
Bearings and components for these demanding applications have to meet stringent requirements regarding functional reliability and efficiency. AKG Bearings meet these requirements by providing individual and customer-specific developments.
Pulp and Paper – For applications in the heavy industries sector, AKG has consolidated its bearing technology and services for customers in the paper and cellulose industries in the “Pulp & Paper” applications group. As a result of co operations with paper machine manufacturers as well as with maintenance and production departments, the Pulp & Paper group has achieved a great deal of expertise. Paper mills around the world have benefited from the quality of tailor-made solutions that are reliable and efficient and achieve ever increasing production speeds.