Competence And Maintenance

Cost-intensive production plants and supply facilities must offer constant availability. This is made possible by intelligent life cycle service that leaves nothing to chance. AKG offers all the maintenance services and products that are needed to achieve this goal.
With our AKG Industrial Service (AKGIS) and its partners provide a range of services that covers everything from condition monitoring to mounting work and mounting tools to maintenance management.
In cooperation with plant operators, AKGIS develops comprehensive solutions for maintenance, training quality control and monitoring tasks.
The primary goal is always to provide a high level of machine availability while minimizing maintenance expenses. AKG’s experts support customers in the mounting and operation of machines, install and run condition monitoring systems and conduct analyses Early detection of problems and failures in production plants enables users to plan their maintenance activities, carry out repairs when necessary and avoid unscheduled shutdowns.
With many years of experience and highly qualified experts, AKGIS is a competent provider of individually tailored solutions in all phases of a project. A global network of competence centers with certified partners guarantees proximity to customers, flexibility and expert service.
AKG Industrial Services offers products, services and training in the following five fields :
  • Mounting & repair
  • Lubrication
  • Alignment
  • Condition monitoring
  • Maintenance management