Bussiness is About People

The years of experience allow us to provide customers with highly qualified products, technical support and in-house design for customised applications. Customers who manufacture products and equipment for the process and manufacturing industry demand AKG’s ability to develop and deliver products and solutions offering the highest possible performance and quality.
This task requires for a thorough and wide knowledge of the customers’ requirements, product and applications. AKG focuses on continuously developing better products and solutions for these extremely demanding technical criteria.
AKG Engineering Consultation with AKG Industrial Services offers comprehensive under one roof solutions. The AKG Solutions include service, bearings, housings, seals, maintenance products, fault detection, and condition monitoring. The result is:
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Increase profitability and productivity
  • Increase safety 
  • Reduce costs
Innovation and Thinking Outside the Box
As a forward-looking company, we invest a great deal in research and development.
This is a very conscious decision on our part, to this day; our engineers excel at creative engineering that often involves an unconventional approach. This means questioning established conventions, following unusual paths, and daring to use other perspectives. All of these are the prerequisites for realizing new and remarkable ideas.
Our employees are working on progressive products and technologies in modern research and development centers. In these centers, new, state-of-the-art and efficient solutions are constantly being developed in close cooperation with customers from the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.