Our automotive products represent a significant contribution of our business. As supplier of quality bearings for all types of automobiles, we develop and supply forward-looking products and system solutions for engines, transmissions, and chassis. We use our “advance development and product innovation” process to work on requirements and solutions for the future.
A car’s driveline is normally considered to include everything from the clutch through to the driven wheels. AKG provides specific bearing solutions for all the major elements, transmissions, transfer boxes, and final-drives.
Engine Systems
Today’s petrol (gasoline) and Diesel engines are highly sophisticated, computer regulated devices. Fuel injection, once the domain of exotic sports cars is now found on even the most humble of cars.
This trend has continued and these control systems have now moved to Diesel engines, where common-rail systems have all but replaced traditional distributor-pump arrangements.
Belt drive systems, used in camshaft or ancillary systems (alternators, ABS pumps etc.) are major users of rolling element bearings. The majority of arrangements use deep groove ball bearings although needle roller units are employed where axial space is at a premium.
Chassis systems
AKG products are state-of-the-art, innovative bearing solutions in chassis applications. AKG’s products are used in brake systems, steering columns and suspension struts, our bearings are easy to mount, require small installation spaces and offer additional integrated functions.