Allgemeine Kugellager Gesellschaft - AKG Bearings

AKG Bearings is a specialist supplier of industrial bearings and associated services with a global reach, founded in 1988 and supplying a multitude of specialised bearings to more than 25 countries globally. 

Our engineers, design bearings; utilising the highest design, material and technology available, with a philosophy that “nothing is good enough that cannot be improved”. At AKG success derives from the consistent emphasis on maintaining the highest quality of products and service.


To improve your efficiency
We contribute to optimizing plant asset efficiency and maintenance through mechanical services, preventive maintenance, condition monitoring and systems for decision support in maintenance work.

Development, Research and Industrialisation

AKG encourages communication between the Development, Research and Industrialisation sectors.
This coordination between technical sectors located on a single site allows AKG’s application engineers to offer clients the most technologically advanced and innovative products within extremely short lead-times. At AKG our ability to innovate is placed at our clients’ service.